Plenty of Produce: Great Farmers Markets in the NorthEast

Guest post by Jenn Leisey, Doing Wheelies

One of the best perks of living in Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country is the surplus of fresh, locally grown produce. In my rural hometown, you’re never more than a five minute drive from a family-owned farmers market.


When it comes to local farmer’s markets in this area, the biggest attraction has got to be Green Dragon Markets. The hodgepodge atmosphere of products is really what gives the market its charm: every Friday since the 1930s, over 400 merchants set up shop with the freshest produce, baked goods, handmade furniture and crafts, clothing and purses, and more. In a matter of three stands, you can taste a local Amish farmer’s apple butter and homemade rootbeer, buy a football jersey, and peruse hundreds of faux designer handbags. I love that the market is both an indoor and outdoor venue, offering a perfect mix of sunshine and air conditioning in the summer heat!

While the specialty merchandise varies from place to place, the availability of inexpensive, organically grown produce is by far the best reason to visit the local farmers market, no matter where you call home.

If you’re in the NorthEastern part of the country, farmers markets are practically everywhere! Here is a list of great markets on the East coast that I’d love to travel to. Don’t see one near you? Check out Local Harvest for a fantastic map of farms, markets, community supported agriculture, and more!


America’s Farmstand in Stonington, Connecticut

America’s Farmstand is a family owned company dedicated to providing consumers with a direct link to the source of their food production. All of their members are family owned New England area farms that are committed to environmentally conscious, sustainable growing methods and care about what those things stand for. I love that the market prides itself on its compassion and conversation about local, sustainable, organic product.

Kirby’s Farm Market in Brockport, New York

Owned and run by the Kirby family for five generations, the Kirby Farm Market offers fruits, veggies, annual and perennial plants, and poinsettias, wreaths, and holiday trees, and has featured a CSA for three years.

Highland Orchards Farm Market  in Wilmington, Delaware 

A family owned and run farm open Monday through Saturday, Highland Orchards has been around since 1832! If the sheer length of operation isn’t enough reason to visit, the market is also uses sustainable agriculture and organic pesticides. They also offer fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs and perennials, free range chickens and eggs, as well as gluten-free products.

About the Author:

Jenn Leisey is a freelance writer and content strategist. She shares her stories of finding balance in disability, infertility, health, and marriage on her blog, Doing Wheelies. Follow her on Facebook or on Instagram @JennLeisey.


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