WHAT’S IN YOUR FRIDGE? How to stock a healthy refrigerator


 A few questions to ask you…

  1. Do you know what fruits and vegetables are in season now?
  2. Would you say that you eat mostly boxed foods?
  3. Would you say that you eat mostly canned foods?
  4. Do you drink soda?
  5. Do you drink juices and other soft drinks?

If you answered NO to question #1, create a colorful seasonal produce chart to post on your fridge. (Pssst…You can also access the Meals on Heels e-Newsletters for seasonal yum!) It’s a great reminder of what’s super delish at any given time of the year.  Use a white board, chalkboard or get playful with the arts & crafts. Either way, include the entire household in creating your seasonal produce chart. This can be a GREAT learning opportunity for kids.

If you answered YES to questions #2-#5, it might be time for a full kitchen makeover. You want your refrigerator to be stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, low-sugar foods and high protein items.

TIP –> Make sure your pantry has plenty of natural color. With the seasonal produce chart, you’ll know when it’s best to buy asparagus, blueberries, carrots and peas.

Know what produce is best in the Spring!

Know what produce is best in the Spring!

TIP –> Toss the high caloried sodas and soft drinks. Flavor your water with fresh cucumbers, lemon, lime, mint or berries. Regular readers know I’m a big fan of couture cubes.

TIP –> Forget the instant oatmeal, breakfast bars, crackers and chips and go for things you can buy or make in bulk like nuts, popcorn kernels, homemade granola, turkey jerky, dried cranberries, chocolate chips and quinoa.

TIP –> Watch out for hidden calories in items like salad dressing or yogurt.

TIP –> Make sure to stock your freezer with lean proteins like turkey, chicken and fish.

TIP –> Frozen fruits and vegetables are life-savers. Frozen veggies make a healthy side dish in minutes flat.

Frozen kale is also great for smoothies!

Frozen kale is also great for smoothies!

LOVE your life!
CELEBRATE your culinary creativity!
PLAY with a renewed vitality!


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