Say bye-bye Spanish Fly and hello to a sassy and stress-free approach to cooking with love.

Change is in the air with a new season creeping in.  So, hop on board to transition your kitchen into a sizzling source of ingredients and recipes that boost your spirits and get that mind-body-spirit grooving to a new tune.

Hours slaving over a stove are over!  Save all that heat for romance by hiring an expert to teach you to Eat well-Feel well-Entertain well.  Learn how to navigate the Farmers’ Market or grocery store, assess kitchen essentials and create food that is good for you.  “Don’t worry, Eat happy.”

Whether single, dating or married, it’s time to let the love flow.  A refresher course and cliff note pick-me-up are just the tools necessary for tasty success.  As a celebration expert seen on GMA Health, Better TV and Daily Buzz TV, I will consult with you to:

  • Schedule a consultation.
  • Customize a pantry plan that fits your lifestyle.
  • Provide “Small Bites Turn Big Nights” recipes with personal cooking classes.

Let’s Play!

For more about Mindy click here or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.  Be sure to email us at or call 1.800.989.7876 to schedule your individual phone consultation.  Slots are going quickly so hurry up and get loved!

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